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What's the date 18650 lithium batteries battery, 18650 can be the 5th battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-06

a lot of people don't know what's the date 18650 lithium batteries battery, also don't know the real secret. That good today, let's look at what's the date 18650 lithium batteries battery, 18650 can be a 5 battery?

18650 battery life in theory for the charging circuit 1000 times. Considering the density of unit of storage capacity is very large, so the most suitable for laptop battery, not only that, by 18650 the stability and reliability in work performance is very good, widely used in various electronic field, is often used in high-end light flashlight, carry power, wireless data transmission device, electric heating warm warm clothes, shoes and portable instrument equipment, portable lighting, portable duplicator, industrial instrumentation, medical equipment, etc.

18650 batteries is the lithium battery pack number?

18650 is not A few batteries, it is A type of battery, 18 mm in diameter, general is lithium battery pack. Battery refers to the no. 3 C type batteries, 26 mm in diameter. Battery (5 The AA) Is one of the battery types, generally refers to the size of 14 mm in diameter, height of 49 mm.

18650 lithium battery pack in the Numbers 18650, means that the overall dimensions: 18 cell diameter of 18. 0 mm, 650 refers to the battery level 65. 0mm。 Common battery can be divided into 18650 lithium ion battery, lithium iron phosphate and nimh batteries.

May 18650 when the 5th battery

18650 battery when battery 5. 1. First of all, the size is different, 18650 was larger than 5 batteries. So the size will have problems, install and use not install and use, not to mention the battery when battery 5 18650.

2。 On the other hand, the voltage is different, the 5th battery voltage is 1. 2V( Rechargeable) Or 1. 5V( One-time) While the 18650 battery voltage is 3. 7V。 3. The most important, the internal structure and the chemical reaction is different. 18650 belong to lithium batteries and battery 5, mostly zinc manganese battery or alkaline batteries.

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