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What should I do if the 18650 battery cannot be charged?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-29

There are many situations where the 18650 battery cannot be charged, and different problems need to be repaired accordingly to solve the problem of the 18650 battery not charging. So what are the situations where the battery cannot be charged, and what solutions are there?

1. External reasons that cause 18650 battery to fail to charge

(1) 18650 battery charger problem

1) Charger failure, that is, charger After using for a certain period of time, the charger is damaged due to a malfunction, so it will not be able to charge. In this case, it is recommended to replace the charger.

2) The charger does not match. This may be that the current and voltage provided by the charger are too low to charge the battery; or the voltage is too high and the current is too large, which causes damage to the battery cell during charging. Resulting in unable to charge.

(2) Environmental factors affect battery charging

1) Charging in a low temperature environment during charging, 18650 battery has low temperature charging and discharging restrictions, which may be due to the charging environment The temperature is too low to charge. This can be charged by placing the battery within its specified charging temperature range, which is generally fine. If it does not work, it is estimated that the battery has been in a too low temperature for too long, causing problems with the batteries. So you can only change the battery.

2) When charging, the temperature environment is too high. Generally, 18650 batteries will have a temperature protection mechanism. If the temperature is too high, the protection will be triggered and the charging will not be possible. You can put the battery within the allowable charging temperature range. If not, It may be due to the breakdown or short circuit of the diaphragm in the battery cell due to the battery running at high temperature.

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