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When buying a power lithium batteries need a pursuit of high energy density, good

by:dcfpower     2020-11-25

in the high energy density battery of new product development process, the factions in manufacturing enterprises. Special power lithium battery energy have corresponding relationship with safety coefficient is higher, the security level of the higher standards at this stage, the pursuit of rechargeable batteries energy than can't directly to ascend, the latest policy do not need to over stimulate the mileage. Power lithium battery burst power is good but it should start from their own safety, so today we say when buying power lithium batteries to the pursuit of high energy density, please.

with the new energy industry development trend of electric vehicles, power lithium battery technology is also in the continuous rising. Single than at the present stage, the lithium iron phosphate battery for 160 wh/kg, than can reach 130, system software adopts the NCA system of 18650 single energy density has amounted to 240 wh/kg, system energy density of 150 wh/kg. In addition to rising energy rules and regulations, reduced subsidies caused power lithium battery costs more and more strict requirement of the company. How to choose to become a processing and manufacturing high priority. New energy electric vehicle manufacturing industry is not only relative density rechargeable batteries should be paid great attention to, and should integrate the lightweight car body and reduce the energy consumption.

power lithium ion battery performance and safety how to balance?

improve the way of pure electric vehicle mileage has a lot of, is the most direct way to improve the battery power, improving the power of the battery. Can improve lithium battery power than is the key to recharge the battery anode materials of nickel, nickel content is higher, power lithium battery can than the higher, the reliability of the rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries can't control the greater the probability of heating. manufacturing enterprises must strictly control of nickel in lithium battery pack materials, in pursuit of perfect efficient energy density and low cost, no need to blindly following nickel composition, the key is to master safety factor, rather than the more critical characteristics, relevant automobile group, the best in the car and maintenance quality to reduce car mileage, rather than simply improve battery for mileage.

development of ternary battery

in 19 years, when the lithium ion power lithium battery for a total of 100 million watt-hours ring and up 33% month-on-month. Little imagine, compared with 2017 in 150 facilities, manufacturing enterprise under the total to 100, the efficient energy trend of relative density become the inevitable trend in the development trend of 3 d batteries. With government subsidies of ascension and the comparison of energy regulation, manufacturers should continuously improve technical strength. New energy technology co. , LTD. , two new products into market for new energy bus, car sales market 135 ah, the three dimensional rectangular aluminum shell lithium-ion batteries, the specific energy of 215 wh/kg, cycle life is 3000 times; Special automobile sales market is 115 ah lithium battery, life cycle system for ten thousand. Special power lithium battery energy is the most intuitive range indicator. By 2020, a lithium-ion power than 350 wh/kg, a new energy vehicles will have the same sense of endurance and gasoline vehicles.

according to the present raw materials such as lithium ion battery management system and industry development trend, with new type lithium ion battery packaging technology than energy system software. Little imagine, and tesla compared to using kang home cylinder battery, at the present stage of domestic power lithium batteries than that can still have very big difference, the safety factor of the product and consistency. So, in our country, the driving force lithium battery manufacturing enterprises should attach importance to improve product safety coefficient, rather than blindly following the pursuit of sound, efficient energy relative density with the wind, to prevent major accidents as well as enterprise safe production.

the battery energy density is higher, the better it

in the industry, at present signs of battery production surplus has started to emerge, but this surplus is low capacity, and high capacity is insufficient. So, in the long term trend, power battery manufacturing enterprises still immeasurably from space. Battery industry development trend of consideration shall be given to speed and quality, speed, and the expansion of production should be based on the real needs of the development of industry, should be based on rational judgment of the market, should be based on the innovation and development of material technology, rather than blindly following manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, also should see, along with spring energy storage market gradually, the battery will make in the field of energy storage in the opportunity, and from the power battery to storage battery, there is no technical difficulties. So now we only pursue the battery energy density, the higher the better, we are going to be increasingly pursuit of the quality of the power lithium battery to build high quality high quality batteries is a plus. The current for the battery manufacturing enterprises, the most urgent is to take the market as the breakthrough point, requirements, technology, guarantee the high quality high quality battery, modest, innovation-driven development, make irreplaceable market competitiveness.

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