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Where is the main producing lithium-ion batteries in China, on behalf of the brand have

by:dcfpower     2020-10-19

over time, the continuous development of science and technology progress, the lithium battery has become the mainstream. But considering the lithium chemistry is very lively, so the lithium metal production and processing, storage, etc. , on the regional environment requires very high. Lithium electricity industry in China which areas in the development well? Below we will organize the main production place of the lithium battery in China, and the representative of the famous brand, well today is to take a look at our lithium battery manufacturer lithium battery where is the main production in China, what are the representative brand.

where China lithium battery pack main production

in 2019, suining city, sichuan province explicitly make lithium electricity and new material industry development & other; No. 1 engineering & throughout; Loud, clearly put forward to speed up the construction & other; Throughout China of lithium electricity &; The development of the overall goal.

suining city lithium resources is not rich, but lithium electricity industry originated products back in 1992. In the earliest time of suining city lithium electricity industry is relatively limited, 04 years later, the local lithium electricity, the rise of new materials, new energy market, drive the suining city break trough lithium electricity industry.

in 2018, the suining city lithium electricity industry output value 10. 5 billion yuan, in the same proportion of 25% or more of the provincial total industry, about 4% of the country's lithium electricity industry. Suining city municipal lithium battery pack cathode material design production accounts for about 20% of the country's demand, lithium battery electrolyte key materials dioxolane accounted for over nine hundred percent of the share market segmentation.

in 2019, the related enterprise suining city lithium electricity and new material industry has been growing to 36, covering industry FaZhanLian on middle and lower reaches. Suining city has thus become the western region FaZhanLian lithium electricity industry's most complete focus continuously development area, and has only lithium electricity of sichuan province modern industrial park.

what are on behalf of the brand: shenzhen technology co. , LTD.

technology was founded in 2001, specializes in r&d of the hydride and lithium-ion batteries, wisdom, is the nimh batteries dominant revised national standard units, and participate in the development of a number of national standard lithium battery pack industry. Figure e, power & reg; And EPT® A registered trademark of shenzhen science and technology co. , LTD. The company has independent research and development center ( Covers chemical, electrochemical, security, materials research and development) , and Harbin industrial university, Shanghai institute of microelectronics, guangdong institute of petroleum and other colleges and universities and research institutes, to establish production-study-research cooperation.

company general manager Mr Wang Shoujun alkaline battery for China standardization technology committee, was named shenzhen high-level professional and technical personnel. Driven by technology, in the industry created B cells; In the field of digital using modified manganese acid lithium battery. At research and development of lithium electricity security guide, successively solve around the security for the shenzhen science and technology plan projects. A total of 45 national patents, including 17 invention patents, and obtain OVNIC patent license in the United States.

and meizhou self-built production base in shenzhen, is a national high and new technology enterprise.

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