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Which is better, gel electrolyte or liquid electrolyte?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-23

The colloidal system lithium battery pack electrolyte composed of three components of polymer, electrolyte salt and low molecular organic solvent is called colloidal electrolyte. This colloidal electrolyte has high ionic conductivity. For example, the ionic conductivity of PEO+propylene carbonate (PC) ethylene carbonate (EC)+LiClO4 gel electrolyte is close to at room temperature, and it has excellent mechanical processing performance and film-forming performance. Ideal electrolyte material for miniature lithium ion secondary batteries and electric double layer capacitors.

Gel state polymer electrolyte is a kind of polymer electrolyte with great potential. It is a polymer network with a suitable microstructure formed by a polymer, plasticizer and lithium salt through a mutual dissolution method. It uses liquid electrolyte molecules fixed in the microstructure to achieve ion conduction, which has the stability and plasticity of solid polymers. It has the characteristics of dry state and high ionic conductivity of liquid electrolyte. Its manufacturing method is generally to dissolve the lithium salt in a high dielectric constant organic solvent, and then use them as a plasticizer to compound with the polymer matrix. The electrolyte lithium salt is mainly dispersed in the liquid phase, and the ion transport also occurs mainly in In the liquid phase, the transport mechanism is similar to that of the liquid electrolyte.

The initial capacity of the colloidal polymer electrolyte battery is smaller than that of the liquid electrolyte battery, but as the number of charge and discharge increases, the ratio of the colloidal polymer electrolyte battery The capacity decay rate is slower than that of liquid electrolyte batteries. This may be because elemental sulfur and the formed lithium sulfide are more likely to dissolve in the liquid electrolyte, which preliminarily shows that the colloidal polymer electrolyte can effectively inhibit the irreversible dissolution of the lithium sulfide generated in the reaction. Both types of lithium-sulfur batteries have a higher decay rate, especially the first 10 cycles have a higher decay rate.

The conductivity of the colloidal electrolyte is higher than that of the liquid electrolyte, which is more superior to the rate discharge performance of lithium batteries. The discharge platform of the colloidal electrolyte of the battery at high temperature is higher, mainly because the temperature is high. The movement of ions is accelerated, the internal resistance of the battery is reduced, and the discharge performance is improved. The gel state polymer electrolyte has a stable interpenetrating polymer network, which can effectively maintain the electrolyte, and has better discharge performance within a certain temperature range.

The cycle efficiency of the battery using colloidal polymer electrolyte is higher than that of the liquid electrolyte battery, and its average attenuation rate is about 5%. After several cycles, the cycle efficiency is improved and remains constant. The use of colloidal polymer electrolyte improves the cycle performance of the new lithium-sulfur battery and increases its specific capacity.

The application of gel electrolyte in this area has its great advantages. The synthesis of gel electrolyte has laid the material foundation for the high energy density and miniaturization of lithium-ion batteries. Due to its good mechanical processing performance, it can be made into ultra-thin, even crimpable batteries and capacitors. It has broad prospects for applications in electrochromic, photoelectrochemical electronics, medical treatment, and space technology. In particular, it has high heat resistance, so that its application in the power source of electric vehicles has reached the practical stage.

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