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Which is better, iron-lithium battery or lead-acid battery?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-13

Iron-lithium battery pack is a new energy battery developed this year. Lead-acid battery is a traditional chemical battery. So which one is better than lead-acid battery?

Performance comparison table of lithium iron phosphate battery and lead-acid battery:

Advantages of lithium iron battery:

1.LiFePO, the nominal voltage of the battery is 3.2V (stable discharge platform), the final charging voltage is 3.6V, and the final discharge voltage is 2.0V;.

2. Large specific capacity, high efficiency output: standard discharge is 2~5C, continuous high current discharge can reach 10C, instant pulse discharge (10S) can reach 20C;

3 .Wide operating temperature range (-20℃—+75℃), good performance at high temperature: when the external temperature is 65℃, the internal temperature is as high as 95℃, and the temperature at the end of the battery discharge can reach 160℃. The internal structure of the battery is safe and intact; /p>

4. Even if the battery is damaged internally or externally, the battery does not burn or explode, and has the best safety;

5. Excellent cycle life, after 500 cycles, its discharge The capacity is still greater than 95%; the lithium iron phosphate monomer battery prepared in the laboratory has a cycle life of up to 2000 times during the IC cycle test.

6. There is no damage after over-discharge to zero volts. After 7 days of zero voltage storage, the battery has no leakage, good performance, and the capacity is 100%; after 30 days, there is no leakage and good performance, and the capacity is 98%; After 30 days of storage, the battery is charged and discharged for 3 more times, and the capacity is restored to 100%.

7. Fast charging, less self-discharge, no memory effect: high current 2C fast charge and discharge, under the special charger, 1.5C charging can make the battery full within 40 minutes, the starting current can be Up to 2C;

8. Low cost;

9. No pollution to the environment.

2. Base station application scheme comparison and investment comparison

Lithium iron phosphate battery and lead-acid battery in base station application comparison

Lithium iron phosphate battery and lead-acid battery Applied in base stations, it is mainly considered that different discharge rates have little effect on the discharge capacity of this kind of battery, and it can withstand a wide environmental temperature. The following will analyze the battery capacity selection based on the power consumption and backup time of the base station.

Base stations can be divided into the following two types:

(1) Macro base stations and indoor distributed source stations

The power of GSM macro base stations can be 3.5A/ Carrier frequency calculation is divided into townships (4/4/4) 46A, urban areas (12/12/12) 130A, and very dense urban areas (15/15/15) 160A.

The power of TD macro base station is divided into single-band station (including 1 BBU and 3 RRU) 1200W25A, dual-band station (1 BBU and 6 RRU) 2100W44A, of which 1 BBU 300W, 1 RRU300W.

The power of indoor distributed source station is divided into single-band station (including 1 BBU and 5 RRU) 1000W21A, dual-band station (1 BBU and 10 RRU) 1400W29A, tri-band station (1 2 BBUs and 15 RRUs)

2100W44A, including 1 BBU600W and 1 RRUSOW.

The battery backup time of the macro base station and the indoor distributed source station is: 3h in the urban area, 5h in the township, and 7h in the mountainous area.

(2) Indoor distributed RRUs Indoor distributed RRUs can include one or more RRUs. A single RRU consumes 80W1.67A of power and requires 4 hours of battery backup time.

According to the calculation, the configuration of the lead-acid battery is as follows:

Lithium iron phosphate battery is limited by the product type, currently the more mature 50Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah,

200Ah. Take 48V/50A communication load running for 5 hours as an example to carry out model selection and investment comparison.

The constant current discharge data of lithium iron phosphate batteries are shown in the following table:

The use of lithium iron batteries in base stations has the following advantages:

1. Small capacity: The discharge capacity of iron-lithium batteries is not affected by different discharge rates as much as lead-acid batteries, so a battery with a smaller capacity can be selected to meet the electricity demand of the same communication load.

2. Good high-temperature performance: The existing base station air conditioner is set to 28℃. If it is increased to 35℃, a separate incubator for lead-acid batteries needs to be configured. Otherwise, the battery life will be reduced by half for every 10 degree temperature rise . The lithium iron phosphate battery can withstand a high temperature of 55°C without affecting its life. You can directly increase the base station temperature setting to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

3. Small size and light weight: 3.2V/200Ah lithium iron battery size (length*width*height) 360*55*250, weight 8.1kg; 3.2V/300Ah lithium iron battery size (length *Width*height) 360*55*306, weight

9.6kg; 2V/300Ah lead-acid battery size (length*width*height) 124*181*365, weight 19kg.

1 set of 48V/200Ah lithium iron battery pack and 1 set of 48V/300Ah lead-acid battery pack are installed in the same way, the former covers an area of u200bu200b59% of the latter, and the former weighs the latter. 28%. If considering the same load-bearing conditions in the computer room, iron-lithium batteries can be installed in double-layer and double-row, while lead-acid batteries need to be installed in single-layer and double-row. The former covers an area of u200bu200b29% of the latter. The same is a 48V/300Ah iron-lithium battery pack pack and a lead-acid battery pack. Under the same installation method, the former covers an area of u200bu200b59% of the latter, and the former weighs 34% of the latter.

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