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Who is the inventor of the batteries, lithium batteries, founder of the who

by:dcfpower     2020-10-01

look back over the past 60 years of rapid development of science and technology innovation, there are two inventions influence on the social economic development of market economy and the long term: heavy first invention was introduced in 1947 at bell LABS transistor. The formation of it has changed the electronic digital products, and gradually formed the world economic integration and the foundation of human civilization. The second innovation is lithium battery. Today with you know who is the inventor of the battery, who is the creator of the lithium battery.

who is the inventor of the battery

Italian scientists voltaic ( AlessandroVolta,1745~1827) Was born on February 18, 1745 como, volta create invented the battery.

volta in school will have strong interest in social science. Voltaic gradually since 1765 began as a static experimental science study, published in 1769 electrostatics classic 'on electrical attraction'. Invention of 1775 resin material electrophorus, 1781 inventions sensitive straw electroscope. In 1782 created the electric conductor capacitance C, electric charge Q and the relation between electric potential V. Voltaic's key achievement in science is invention voltaic pile. When he hears that galvanic & other; Animals throughout the electric &; After experimental information, in 1791 started to scientific research to this phenomenon. After large quantities of experiments, he denies & other; Animals throughout the electric &; Theory, clearly put forward the electric & other; Touch & throughout; Theory, and points out that the galvanic electricity formed in two different metal materials of touch. On the basis of the scientific study, he clearly put forward the world-famous & other; Voltaic sequence & throughout; 。 He said metal material for the first electric conductor, wet objects for the second electric conductor, if the loop at the same time there are two kind of electric conductor, can form a current. In early 1800, he found to significantly enhance the effect of the method, finally to create invented & other; Voltaic pile & throughout; 。 On March 20, 1800 he announced the invention, the induced huge sensation. This is the first to form a more stable, sustained current safety devices, created a new situation for electrical science study. In 1801, napoleon I called him to the Paris show pile experiment, gave him his gold medal and the title of earl; In 1803 was elected to the French foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 1819, returned home to como after retirement. On March 5, 1827 died in this place.

who is the creator of the lithium battery

John & middot; B。 Goody's husband is the father of lithium battery, he make the lithium battery pack size smaller and larger capacity, operating mode is more stable, finally realized the commercialized, at the same time into the portable electronic equipment. At this stage for the mechanical engineering master major, the university of Texas at Austin, Texas, years old, he is a world-famous scientist, solid and cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium and lithium iron phosphate cathode material, the inventor of the lithium ion battery, the founder of the one, and through scientific research chemistry, structure and the relationship between the solid electronic/ionic nature to design new materials and processing materials science problems. SONY chooses goody in 1991 after his theory made the world's first commercial lithium battery pack, from now on smart phones, digital cameras, handheld high-definition cameras and new energy electric vehicles and other fields, respectively, into the handheld new energy era

the inventor of the lithium battery was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry.

2019 Nobel prizes succession of the public. On October 9 in the morning local time, the royal Swedish academy of sciences announced in Stockholm, the 2019 Nobel Prize in chemistry goes to American scientist John & middot; B。 Goody's husband, a British scientist M. Stanley & middot; Wei han and Japanese scientists yoshino akira, to reward them & other; Development of lithium ion battery & throughout; The feat. They will share the 9 million kronor ( RMB 6. 5 million) The bonus.

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