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Why a lot of people is to choose the lithium ion battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-20

with the traditional chemical battery technology, by contrast, lithium battery pack batteries faster, use longer, and more power density can be keep longer battery life, at the same time more lightsome body. If you know that the basic working principle of the battery, they can better able to run for you. Then we continue to look in detail at the bottom of why a lot of people is to choose the lithium ion battery.

the first point: quick charge for convenient, slow charge to protect life.

lithium ion battery using quick charge way of electronic equipment, quickly reached 80% of the battery, then move on to the slow trickle charging. According to different Settings and battery charging equipment, the full of original power 80% of the time will be different. When the battery is beyond the proposed temperature, the software may limit the battery after electricity reaches 80%. This combination process can not only make you faster on equipment out of the door, at the same time also can prolong the life of the battery.

the second point: make the battery more easily.

you can on demand at any time and place for your electronic devices lithium battery pack batteries. Before the battery without first one thousand percent discharge. Electronic equipment lithium ion batteries in the battery run cycle time. If use ( Discharge) Power battery capacity of one thousand percent, you completed a battery cycle time, but not using a battery to complete. For example, you may one day use 75% of the electricity, then at night will be charged equipment. If you use as much as 25% of the electricity the next day, so the total discharge will reach one thousand percent, thus two days accumulated completed a battery cycle time. May also need a few days time to complete a battery cycle time. After a certain number of batteries, any type of battery capacity will be reduced. Lithium ion battery capacity, battery power with each cycle time, and slightly decreased. Electronic equipment lithium ion battery after completing many battery cycle time, at the very least, can keep the original battery capacity by 80%, actual situation according to the new product.

lithium ion battery performance characteristics

1, long service life, previous articles I also tells of said 18650 lithium battery pack charging loop one thousand times, then can the normal use of more than five hundred times, than the service life of batteries more than doubled.

2, high safety coefficient, 18650, the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries is also high, already environmental protection free from contamination, and non-toxic, can be at ease use at the same time, not like fake batteries the combustion or explosion, at the same time it use high temperature resistant performance is good.

3, lithium ion battery voltage compared to other battery voltage is higher, no memory effect, so you don't have to put the empty battery recharging, increases with the increasing charge to use, very convenient.

4, lithium ion battery internal resistance is very small, so the battery since the power consumption is greatly reduced, so everyone's mobile phone can increase the range and level is very high, can be closely integrated with international level.

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