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Why didn't ev polymer battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-09

lithium polymer battery is a new battery has the characteristics of small volume storage capacity big, now slowly, replacing the old type battery. But you know why why lithium polymer batteries are seldom used in the electric car? There are exquisite, why don't we take a look at electric vehicles use below the polymer lithium battery.

used in electric vehicles had better use lithium ion battery need not the reason why polymer battery

1. Electric cars are used in large current, so the lithium ion battery used aluminium cans will not have a swell, polymer lithium battery use aluminum foil bag will be swell problem

2. Lithium ion battery manufacturing product quality stability is better than polymer lithium battery, so far the polymer lithium battery is suitable for small current and need not use series-parallel

3. Polymer lithium battery pack inside is also do the batteries, but plate formula, isolation membrane, electrolyte formula and lithium battery pack batteries is not the same as

polymer battery weakness:

1. Cost is relatively high, battery electrolyte purification difficult system construction.

2。 Need protection line control, overcharge or overcharge are chemicals that could make the battery internal and cross suffered severe damage, which seriously affects the life of the battery.

3。 Low energy density: the general polymer battery capacity has reached around 2940 mah, so calculate down energy density about five hundred Wh/L, and the energy density of the polymer battery now mass production can be close to six hundred Wh/L.

4。 Coming more bad: carbon layer of heat dissipation than the aluminum foil is not too good, so do coating for tape speed and baking temperature moderate fine-tuning

phase will be along with the advance of science and technology, the continuous development of polymer lithium battery upgrade progress. Polymer lithium battery technology progress and whose key in emerging markets, Electric cars) Application to blow a product research and development momentum in the world, polymer lithium battery is bound in the field of electric vehicles and new energy is very important to give full play to the role. So far the electric car is used widely used in lithium ion battery batteries, lithium iron phosphate has excellent thermal stability and security, the price is relatively low. Which some factors make the lithium iron phosphate batteries become small and medium-sized electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid battery is preferable.

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