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Why do lithium batteries have a voltage of 3.7V, 4.2V, 4.4V and 4.45V

by:dcfpower     2021-03-19

Currently, the lithium battery voltages 3.7V, 4.2V, 4.4V and 4.45V on the market refer to the voltage of a single cell, but there are so many lithium cell voltage values, what do they mean? ? Let's talk about the meanings and differences between 4.45V and 4.4V, 4.2V and 3.7V.

3.7V is the nominal voltage that the industry says, that is, the average value platform of battery discharge, 4.2V refers to the battery cell voltage when fully charged, generally lithium battery When the core is discharged to 'out of power' (referring to the voltage provided when the current cannot support the current work demand), the voltage is 3.2V. This is a lithium battery with relatively ordinary performance.

cells starting from 4.35V are high-voltage lithium cells, and their material ratio will be different from 4.2V, and the energy density will be higher. That is to say, in the same volume, lithium batteries The greater the capacity, the longer the battery life of the electronic device.

Currently, battery manufacturers have mass-produced in the field of 4.4V lithium batteries, and the technology has been as mature as 4.2V lithium battery cell technology, providing many strategic partners with high-quality lithium battery products, allowing customers to use battery products. It has obvious competitive advantages in battery performance, enhances the competitiveness of products in the industry, and obtains better product brand reputation.

The higher the voltage of a single cell of a lithium battery, the higher the energy density of the lithium battery cell, and the more difficult the manufacturing technology. The higher the energy density, the more difficult it is to control the safety performance of lithium batteries, which gives lithium battery manufacturers a strong strength in the research and development of battery formulations, and at the same time has stricter requirements on the manufacturing environment and equipment. After years of investment and hard work, the battery has overcome many difficulties, and now it is possible to produce a 4.4V lithium battery pack cell with stable quality and safety.

The continuous improvement and improvement of the performance and quality of lithium battery products is always the first priority for the battery. The actual application test of higher lithium battery cell voltage is currently being carried out, which is currently relatively rare in the market. 4.45V lithium battery, I believe that in the near future, the battery will be able to provide customers with more excellent lithium battery pack products.

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