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Why do many big brand sound no built-in battery?

by:dcfpower     2020-10-07

in our earlier this year, many big brands have introduced a new intelligent sound again, but in these big brand manufacturers pay attention to are rarely have built-in battery, are these big brands intelligent sound manufacturer enterprise realize to install the built-in lithium battery pack this a question? In fact? No, that's good today let's take a look at why many large brand sound no built-in battery?

according to the news media industry field electric business platform of mainstream products focus on intelligent speaker brand evaluation of statistical data show that consumers have no built-in battery is a fourth reason of bad review, accounted for up to 11. 6%.

1。 Built-in battery cost rise at least 10%

the author interviewed reported several speakers experienced professionals in the field of industry, know to originally built a battery of speakers cost will bring no small impact. Not only relates to the adjustment and optimization of internal structure of the, also need to be equipped with can satisfy the user charge while playing a new generation of adapter, give full consideration to the problem such as the size of the battery capacity, overall, speakers will increase at least 10% of the cost, and is as high as 20%, so the market price of the product advantages will naturally decrease.

2。 Built-in battery impact product development speed

and built-in battery speakers must have overall consideration of delicate and cabinet volume, making it easy for users to carry out. Both to the box do delicate small delicate and meet the requirements of the portable, and doesn't affect the sound, certainly will will also bring challenges to product process design. In addition, the built-in battery must also give full consideration to the safety of the use, need after a long test before delivery. This increased to a certain level of product development schedule, and for some pursuing the speed is also don't want to accept it.

so, though it may seem just the difference between a battery, but it is a far-reaching project. This is not difficult to explain why speakers mainstream products currently on the market intelligence, most have no built-in battery.

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