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Why do the lithium battery leakage

by:dcfpower     2020-09-28

alkaline batteries thanks to unique storage capacity big, the price is affordable, hogging the dry cell industry market, whether it's fruit supermarket or large and medium-sized department stores, can meet the alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries, however, also due to the leakage problem to ridicule. The inside of the alkaline battery electrolyte is strongly basic, for metal materials and foam plastics as corrupt utility, many regulations require higher digital electronic products have gradually started to abandon with alkaline batteries, switch to lithium batteries, but lithium battery or from time to time there will be a leakage, then today, we come to see why the lithium battery pack will discharge?

why lithium battery leakage

1. leakage on the process of it

lithium iron battery diaphragm and anode materials are using winding, ways and electrolyte infiltration and adsorption on anode materials are in the anode and the diaphragm is batteries & other; Volume & throughout; , there would be no flow of electrolyte battery, prevent the leakage from the source. And alkaline batteries to use single diaphragm isolation is negative, the anode material and anode materials and electrolyte placed separately, the potassium hydroxide electrolyte is inside the flow conditions, a long period of use fixed number of year will leak out.

2。 leakage from the point of view on material

electrolyte of lithium iron batteries is the lithium salt organic solvent instead of water solution, even inadvertently leakage, nor for metal materials, PCB circuit board, foam plastics lead to corruption. And alkaline battery electrolyte of potassium hydroxide, this is a kind of strong alkaline substance, leads to the severe cases of metal materials, plastic foam decay.

effective solution to the lithium battery pack leakage

lithium iron battery sealing is used half seal structure, in the process of manufacturing will be added to seal. From the source to solve the leakage of lithium-ion batteries.

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