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Why does the lithium battery pack not discharge?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-19

The phenomenon that the lithium battery pack pack does not discharge: After charging the lithium battery pack into the device, the device cannot work, and the open circuit voltage of the battery pack does not change or changes little.

1) Check whether the battery/battery pack is zero-voltage, high internal resistance battery;

2) Whether the electronic components and protection circuit in the battery pack are damaged;

3) Check whether the discharge circuit of the equipment is normal.

4) Whether the tabs are broken, forming an open circuit

How to deal with the non-discharge of the lithium battery pack:

1) Use a fully charged battery/battery Group access equipment, whether the equipment is working normally;

2) Use a multimeter to check whether the electronic components and protection circuits in the battery are normal.

3) Repeat the analysis and treatment of the zero voltage step of the single battery;

4) If the discharge circuit of the electrical appliance is abnormal, it is recommended that the customer repair and replace the appliance in time;

5) If the customer does not modify the battery pack by himself, a dedicated technician is required for further analysis.

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