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Why lithium-ion batteries will rise? The cause of the expansion of lithium-ion battery pack

by:dcfpower     2020-11-27

in recent years, lithium battery is mainly given its energy is higher, safety performance is higher, in the manufacturing industry has been on the market the use of multiple aspects. Even if the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries by contrast in lead-acid batteries is much higher, but if the negligence or is the production processing and manufacturing overall level is not good still have corresponding safety accidents, such as about this kind of phenomenon, the shenzhen technology co. , LTD. Small make up today we say why the following lithium battery will rise? The cause of the expansion of lithium battery pack pack.

will rise big lithium battery? Reasons for

1. Expand on lithium battery

lithium batteries, lithium battery temperature will no doubt continue to grow, but usually does not exceed a certain temperature rating, but excessive cause of rechargeable lithium battery pack electrolyte solution, pressure expansion, lithium battery continues to grow. Key lies in the customer, if customer negligence when in the use of lithium battery pack products, such as charging over discharge, or is in the natural environment is extremely bad environment, etc are also in constant use form inflation could force the lithium battery.

2。 Production and processing to increase;

usually, the production process of abnormal ( Such as fault, overtemperature, etc. ) The lithium battery internal overheating, lithium ion electrolyte continues to grow. Factory production problems, the production processing manufacturing environment, production processing and manufacturing machinery and equipment dilapidated, old, similarly, the battery metal coating is not irregular, lithium battery electrolyte infiltrated in dust particles, etc. This is could force some lithium battery pack in the customer when use form inflation, even more security risks.

3。 Loop expansion

when rechargeable batteries in the circulatory system, film thickness increased with the increase of the frequency of the circulatory system, but after more than 50 weeks, matrix does not increase, under normal circumstances, the normal growth rate to zero. 30. 6 mm, aluminum shell more severe, this kind of circumstance belongs to all normal rechargeable batteries reflection. However, if the shell thickness increase or internal raw material reduce, sustained growth can be mitigated. Battery production processing manufacturing overall level phenomenon, metal electrode metal coating is not irregular, production processing and manufacturing process is relatively coarse;

4。 Battery fault problems

usually, welding position error, the appropriate welding location should be at the bottom or side welding, no marks side and a lot of can't welding. In addition, some of this welding performance is poor, so need to adopt large current welding, the welding with effective internal high temperature resistant, the lithium ion internal short circuit fault. Open circuit fault chemical reaction, can form large quantities of calorific value, at the same time, small and soft long break down vaporization will form a resonance phenomenon, the battery will swell up.

5。 It is possible that the battery for a long time not to use, shabby, old

it is the battery for a long time not to use, after does not carry out good storage treatment. When the long period of time exposed to the air is not in use, at the same time power full. Is mainly due to air in the corresponding level and conductivity, put the time is too long is equivalent to the battery positive negative direct contact, conducted a chronic short circuit fault. Principle of the expansion of the lithium battery pack formation mainly lies in a cell structure formed close to the infinite short circuit fault, strong chemical reaction, the formation of large quantities of heat, which in turn cause the electrolyte decomposition vaporization, lithium battery will drum up.

why lithium battery explosion

1. Overcharge and explosion

maintenance route can't control or check ark can not control over 9 v battery voltage, the lithium battery electrolyte solution, forming strong reflection internal rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries pressure continues to grow rapidly, the battery explosion. Maintenance line can't control, check the ark can't control current, make the lithium ion battery cannot access, and lithium metal material production in the electrode surface. Mostly it is good to overcharge for example of samsung battery explosion phenomenon.

2。 Ultrasonic welding plastic shell exploded when

when the ultrasonic welding of plastic casing, in view of the mechanical equipment manufacturing, ultrasonic energy was transferred to lithium ion cores, ultrasonic energy can make the lining fusing of rechargeable batteries, immediately formed a short-circuit fault, cause explosion. Welding current is a current can form inside the fault of the explosion. In addition, the positive and negative connection with positive and negative connection immediately.

3。 A discharge explosion, explosion falls

lithium charge discharge or excessive discharge ( More than 3 c) Is relatively easy to make negative copper pool accumulation on the diaphragm, make positive and negative fault explode instantly ( There is very little) 。 With serious fault, by contrast, in view of the lithium ion core formed by strong vibration or fall plate internal displacement, explosion ( There is very little) To happen.

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