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Why the battery bulge? - Shenzhen battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-12

a lot of people feel their products appear not durable, use for a while then there will be no electric power, we have to alert the battery out of the question is not, turn on the battery pack off you will find the battery has a bulge, sometimes serious deformation. That is why a battery bulge phenomenon? Today we are together to analyze why the battery bulge.

battery bulge reason one: long time charging, anode produce chemical reaction is

when working single cell battery voltage to 2. More than 3 v, the battery will be product gas ( Lead calcium plate analysis of gas working voltage is 2. 3 v, lead, antimony, plate chromatography gas working voltage of 2. 35V) 。 As everybody knows, when the water to boil the water vapor is very hot, the other force is very big, to be able to run a train ( Steam car) 。 This theory is to use our battery is the same, when the gas chromatography, the battery temperature will increase, in addition, if a lot of analysis gas will cause inside the battery does not have enough space to store these gases, will cause the battery to bulge.

battery bulge reason two: the battery internal resistance is too high, have fever phenomenon

the battery internal resistance is too high. When a battery internal resistance is too high, when the current certain cases, the work will be very high voltage ( Working voltage = current * resistance) 。 We can see is the normal charge when the red light is not to jump the battery is very hot, the batteries are still not reach the charging voltage, gas analysis in advance!

battery bulge reason two: the battery internal resistance is too high, have fever phenomenon

battery charger voltage current does not meet the requirements. When we use the battery charger is higher than the basic parameters of the battery rated voltage and current situation of the basic parameters, such as, will likely be battery charged drum!

bulge the lithium-ion batteries?

1, under normal circumstances, when charging, it is important to pay special attention to the selection of the charger, specifications, the rated capacity of the battery charging voltage is 3. 7 v, terminal voltage is 4. 2 v, as far as possible can not be selected to meet the voltage of the charger is able to maintain constant current for the most appropriate.

2, most of the lithium battery pack pack need technology professional recycling disposal is not easy on the natural environment caused by environmental pollution, so the best choice to be abandoned to the disposal technology professional lithium battery pack pack management place. If local don't have this kind of region, the best way is to throw it to the classification of waste battery recycling bins.

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