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Why the nimh battery capacity is low, produce because of the low capacity

by:dcfpower     2020-12-13

in the manufacture of ni-mh battery production and processing will meet the battery self-discharge period can not meet the eligibility criteria stipulated by the state, it is commonly said is battery low status, but the voltage is normal, high internal resistance, low capacity, big self-discharge: anatomy, diaphragm paper dry holes, this a what reason is caused? Why let nimh battery manufacturer produce capacity is low, because of generating capacity is low. First of all, you also need to know about the function of nimh batteries, let's look at the below.

low self-discharge rate basic function nimh batteries

1, the charging time, standby: two years after the battery idle rectified time, quantity of retained nine hundred percent, 12 months idle power can achieve eight hundred and fifty percent retained, idle still retained in the appearance of the 90% after two years, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries was relieved from the long put no electricity trival, charging time and standby two years! Conventional nickel metal hydride battery rechargeable batteries in the appearance of 45 ℃ high temperature and below zero degrees Celsius temperature of the natural environment can not normal operation, and low self-discharge rate from nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries can guarantee External temperature 20 ℃ and 40 ℃ the function of the charge and discharge the excellent natural environment.

2, low self-discharge nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries are basically there is no memory effect, can guarantee the charging anytime and anywhere, at least to the appearance of 1500 times, a charging circuit to further improve the ease of use and economic benefits.

3。 , namely to use form: when the factory Settings has 90% of nominal capacity battery, immediately to use when the choose and buy, all comparable to the function of lithium-ion batteries, more convenient and efficient than common rechargeable batteries.

why the nimh battery capacity low

1, mainly because of nickel metal hydride battery internal resistance caused by low capacity to produce

storage period is longer or recycling battery pole piece by electrolytic corrosion, sheet caused by loose powder layer, that is poor contact ( Between particles and particles, particles and substrate) Cause increased internal resistance, plate breakage, substantial decrease in capacity. Mainly for internal resistance is higher than the model of internal resistance standard, capacity can not meet the company standards, self-discharge rate is larger; After analyzing, pole piece powder phenomenon exists.

2。 Storage period is longer or recycling battery

sheet swell, the diaphragm of the drain and squeeze out to electrolyte, mainly because of the electrochemical reaction is often from surface layer to deep development, gradually carry out before it caused electrochemical reaction is not all, self-discharge rate capacity fell: and mainly because of the shortage of the electrolyte, leading to increased internal resistance ( Concentration increased resistance and ion reduced resistance/migration resistance) Higher, charging voltage, self-discharge voltage drop.

3, electrolyte produce electrochemical reaction

electrolyte be redistributed, diffusion and penetration into the depths of the pole piece, the amount of electrolyte, the electrode surface down, and the electrochemical reaction is often from surface layer to deep development, gradually carry out before therefore caused a series of problems are produced by electrochemical reaction is not all.

4, detecting abnormal

the whole ark is abnormal, reason is the comparison of the detection accuracy of ark of CPU is poor, discriminant method changing a battery capacity to normal after the test cabinet. Single point anomalies, single point because the dirt or line loss is opposite bigger, discriminant method changing a point after the battery capacity is normal.

5, the positive abnormal

pink on the anode quantity is little, pull on account for a little walk speed too fast or brush spacing is opposite bigger, discriminant method positive plate weight is not enough. Lithium anode fragment, the reason is touched off or a piece of broken when winding, repair, discriminant method estimates there were signs of a piece of broken.

6, nickel metal hydride battery activation not all

because of point anomalies, causing the battery can't get enough energy, or is in the process of operation, single point or the whole point is not open, the circuit check detected directly open the power switch, causing the battery activation time is not enough, discriminant method positive plate not all black; If it was very dry, positive plate not completely black, because the electrolyte is not all infiltration group, not be electrolyte seepage parts can't reaction ( The electrolyte enough)

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