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Why Toyota auto makers have been use nimh batteries, four big reasons exposure

by:dcfpower     2020-10-31

nowadays car industry gradually opened a new era of electric energy, hybrid cars should belong to a transitional, doubt exists generally in the consumer market will bottom of my heart is like tesla motors, wei to automobile, byd auto manufacturers are using such as lithium ion battery of this kind of new energy battery case, Toyota is still in the persistent use of nimh batteries, is this why? Small make up take you to find out today.

why Toyota auto makers have been use nimh batteries?

the first big reasons: mature and perfect safety

nimh batteries used electrolyte aqueous solution is not flammable, meanwhile its specific heat capacity and electrolyte evaporation are relatively high, but relatively low energy density, this represents a even produce the safe hidden trouble such as short circuit will not cause burning. Has more than 73% by the end of 2017, the global hybrid cars use nimh batteries, more than 8 million vehicles, these hybrid cars in use process, and there have been serious production safety accident caused by the battery. Nimh batteries is by far the most commercial value of battery. And Japanese entrepreneurs in this country has a high requirement on the mature technology improve the safe and reliable and cautious, it's that Toyota has been using nimh batteries.

the second reason: low production requirements

thanks to the development of nickel metal hydride batteries period is longer, even if not in terms of energy density of lithium ion battery so severe, but nimh batteries in the process of production of safe and reliable protection and temperature control requirements compared with lithium ion battery is low. This is in the guarantee quality at the same time and adjust the cost, what is there against it?

the third big reasons: low temperature performance

lithium battery pack by using organic electrolyte solution resulted in low temperature environment will greatly reduce the application performance of battery, life also can have a greater degree of decline. Under the zero error performance is had, not to mention a lower temperature. While Toyota hybrid is the place that sell a lot of temperature is low. In northern China, for one, is already useless. And nimh batteries using alkaline electrolyte aqueous solution, working temperature can be as low as minus 40 degrees, by contrast, the nimh batteries will be more outstanding.

4 big reasons: high recycling value

nimh batteries do not contain toxic substances, relative to character is relatively green environmental protection. Its main ingredients are nickel and rare earth, recycling the difficulty coefficient is small, high recovery value, can accomplish all basic recycling, has a vital significance for the sustainable development.

the advantages of nimh batteries

1. High energy density, W/kg) 。 No memory effect, long cycle life,

2。 Internal low output impedance, but can't compare with nickel cadmium battery is low. Can be subject to large current discharge, overcharge and over discharge ability;

3。 Common cycle life of three thousand cycles.

4。 Can also be deep circulation. High energy density, the nickel cadmium is his 1. 5 times;

5。 Use nimh batteries, have proved that in the depth of discharge (100% DOD) With over a three thousand - cycle. In the lower depth of discharge, such as 4% DOD, also can be expected to have more than one cycle.

6。 Durable & ndash; Nimh batteries can afford to over charge and discharge conditions, so as to optimize the battery management requirements.

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