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Winter how to maintain high capacity lithium battery?

by:dcfpower     2020-10-20

in the development of society, more and more cars appeared, new energy electric vehicles is no doubt everyone's preference. New energy electric vehicle battery maintenance also attracted everyone's favor. Especially in the cold winter, new energy electric vehicle battery maintenance more difficult. Battery with small and exquisite, easy to carry, the advantage of green environmental protection, easily into the market, thick, short service life, pollution of the lead-acid battery already can not meet our requirements. maintenance finished, 5 - may be used 7 years. About the maintenance of lithium battery which is an art, that's good we below to see how cold winter maintenance of high capacity lithium battery.

according to the relevant report pointed out that in the cold winter, as the temperature drops, many new energy electric vehicles will suffer such as charging failure or cannot be started. New energy electric vehicle batteries in vulnerable to the interference of external temperature, so, if the battery is too high or too low, will attract storage issues and to reduce its service life. The following is the new energy electric vehicle battery cold winter maintenance in this paper. For new energy electric vehicle batteries, the most appropriate time is keep the battery charging an infinite loop, and then extend battery life.

if the distance is very long, please conduct charge over time. Began after vulcanization process, the battery discharge charge on time can not eliminate less vulcanization and reduce battery life. So, in addition to the regular charge, after use must pay attention to the charge as soon as possible, in order to ensure a full charge. In addition to the charge, you also need to develop atrial regularly, it will be beneficial to promote & other; Activate & throughout; The battery.

how cold winter maintenance method of high capacity lithium battery

1, cold winter electric vehicle battery electric ran out easily, so the conditional case increases with the increasing in charge. Don't lose electricity use. Cold winter run not far in the battery is not durable, due to the cold winter low temperature, battery capacity decreases significantly reduce mileage, and the interference range, this is the principle of lead-acid battery problem, there is no way.

2, cultivate good habits of using, can not be too frequently brake, can't take out speed limiter can not overload, relatively slow startup, can't yank switch. Lead-acid battery nominal capacity is based on the environment temperature is 25 ℃ certain, the capacity of the battery capacity change along with the change of environmental temperature, environment temperature, the higher the capacity of the environment temperature, the lower the lower capacity.

3, charge in the room, as far as possible when the charging time can't more than 12 hours. Along with filling, shallow lightly. Cold winter activity decline lithium-ion batteries, very easy to cause a pass filling, battery life, light interference or safety accident

4. When not in use for a long time, lithium battery pack should be removed and placed the shade air dry place. Cut can not carry out the frozen, avoid water erosion. Avoid in high temperature within the car use. Such as long time preservation, place after the battery to 40%.

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