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Wireless charging principle of wireless charging advantages and disadvantages

by:dcfpower     2020-12-13

we all know that wireless charging technology, is driven by apple mobile fire up a charging technology, wireless charging from the wireless power transmission technology, make full use of magnetic resonance between the charger and equipment data transmission charge in the air, while the coil and capacitor charger formed between equipment and resonance phenomenon, to achieve energy efficient data transmission technology. Then today, we come to look at the basic principle of wireless charging, charging the advantages and disadvantages.

basic principle of wireless charging

we all know that electromagnetic wave can be used to transfer information, so in theory, only need frequency is high enough, the energy can also transmit data. Such wireless charging way perhaps is the most close to the modern people expected in the appearance of wireless charging, to install a electromagnetic wave generator in the power source, then with the help of sending antenna to transmit data to the receiving antenna, the energy to the electromagnetic wave signal again into electricity for the use of equipment. Can this kind of power transmission way also has very obvious flaws, such as electromagnetic waves, transmitted by electromagnetic interference and large data low work efficiency, to human body such as electromagnetic radiation.

make full use of quantum mechanics & other; Resonance phenomenon throughout the &; The basic principle & ndash; — Two vibration frequency consistent biological physical energy efficient data transfers.

1。 Power in a conductive wire transfer into the antenna with copper production.

2。 Antenna with 10 MHZ resonance wavelength, form the electromagnetic waves.

3。 The energy transfer from the antenna to two meters ( 6. 5 feet) Outside.

4。 As with 10 MHZ frequency vibration of the laptop computer receives the current energy filling the equipment.

5。 Not into the energy of the laptop will not absorbed by the antenna again. Unable to form 10 MHZ resonance phenomenon and other organisms will not form the electromagnetic interference to it.

wireless charging advantages

1. Mainly convenient

now a lot of people have put the phone in charging habits of bedroom the head of a bed, mobile power sockets and a variety of data cables, have a lot of safety accidents, and wireless charger will be safer.

2。 Charging stable

don't need to worry about charging a hit is out of range. And the bottom more slippery silica gel circle, further strengthened the stable performance, with cable charge stability.

3。 Safe charging fast

wireless charging pad can recharge my cell phone battery can be directly put aside. Now a lot of people watching mobile phone is less than the degree of eye eyesight whiting will not throw cell phone, reconnect the cable is a kind of bear, are more likely to be trapped in the can fall asleep and forget charging directly, raise arm their cell phone on the charging pad, more low temperature quick charge function, charging to the low temperature protection, refused to accept mobile phone hot, charging more secure.

4。 Charging faster, more efficient

the induction of 8 mm distance is enough to breakdown & other; Shell & throughout; Low temperature quick charge function, collocation, have more advantages than the charging cable. Combined, it is convenient and quick, save time and effort, high charging efficiency, can intelligent identification of various mobile phone, relative to the android mobile phone can also achieve 10 W quick charge.

wireless charging shortcomings

( 1) Power distance is relatively short. At present mobile phone wireless charging is usually can only achieve data transmission distance of 10 cm;

( 2) Charging efficiency is low. Wireless charging efficiency is usually only reached six hundred percent Eight hundred percent, and the cable charging charging efficiency of the basic can be done by more than nine hundred percent, in other words, wireless charging will give full consideration to a lot of heat dissipation problem. In addition if two lateral deviation of coil relatively large decline in data transmission efficiency is very obvious. Can intelligent identification of various mobile phone, relative to the android mobile phone can also achieve 10 W quick charge.

( 3) Easy to form vortex. Between coil may have dirt to enter, if once formed eddy current, is just like the electromagnetic range, safety

( 4) Coupling of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic coupling will generally have relatively large leakage magnetic field. Electromagnetic induction coil in data transmission between electric power, just like our magnets, have certain leakage in the outer ring. How to reduce the electromagnetic radiation is a big problem.

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